Christmas Costumes

Entertaining and Having Fun in Christmas Costumes.

Want to entertain at home in a different way this Christmas? One way is to invite people to dress up in different Christmas costumes and come to your Christmas party. You can make entertaining easy with one of the really nice Christmas Party Kits and decorations too. Christmas is truly a festive time and what better way to build memories than with some great Christmas costumes.. It is sure to add some really good laughter as you enjoy the rum and eggnog, and eat all those delicious Christmas goodies. Celebrate and make great memories that will last for years to come.

Christmas Costumes-Sant SuitSome common Christmas costumes are the classic Santa Suits. These are readily available from your local costume specialty store or even easier to shop for and more abundant are online costumes. You can easily obtain the classic red Santa suit with a big belly which is the most popular and a Santa beard, hat, and the big bag and perhaps a bell.

For something really different you might consider a Blue Santa Suit for a blue Christmas costume theme party. That would be very Festive and Fun for the Hanukkah season!

There are some gorgeous accessories and Mrs. Santa Clause outfits in the red and white and the Victorian Santa and Santa costumes for kids as well. You can have everyone bring a gift to put in the bag and Mr and Mrs Clause will have a lot of fun giving the gifts out.

Christmas Costumes-Elf

Santa needs his helpers!
The elf Christmas costume is another popular choice for the holiday season.

There are many different elf costumes besides the usual green available for adults and kids . There are also elf accessories such as elf boots, elf ears, nose, aprons and elf hats.Christmas Costumes-Elf Dog Costume

There is even an Elf Dog Costume for your four legged friend. Whether your little helper will be guarding the workshop all night long or chasing down the mailman delivering the Christmas goodies, this costume is sure to help them share in the spirit of the holiday! Wouldn’t that be fun to have Santa be seen walking his little or large elf dog.

Naughty or Nice!
Christmas Costumes-Electric Elf (Light-Up) Adult CostumeIf you want to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list you might want to wear one of the sexy elf Christmas costumes! Rudolph didn’t know what to say when this sexy elf led the way. When you wear this little light-up costume you will surely put a little light in someone’s eye and add some extra sugar n spice into your Christmas this year.

Are you going to be naughty or nice this Holiday?

What about a Cute Reindeer Christmas costume!
Christmas Costumes-Reindeer Infant/Toddler CostumeThis little toddler cutie won’t be denied participating in reindeer games! Both little children and adults can have fun with reindeer costumes or reindeer headbands with so many available in stores today. Maybe just a pair of Reindeer Antlers and a funny red reindeer nose would do you just fine.

If you want to be Rudolf you will need a red nose, maybe even a light-up nose if you can find one. The dark brown Reindeer Suit Adult and a Bozo Red Foam Nose will work nicely too and be a lot of fun.

Perhaps a Shrek Gingerbread man or a Snowman costume is more your style. Frosty would be a favorite at a school or office party. Or could you get away with being a Grinch? There are other story book or movie characters too like Scrooge, Jacob Marley, or Peter Pan.

Jack Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas who could team up with the Sexy Jack for a couples costume. Perhaps the lovely Lord of the Rings Arwen and Legolus, the elf warrior would also make a great couple’s theme party choice.

Sugar Plum Fairyand the Toy Soldier are also a very well known Christmas tradition from the Nutcracker and are great Christmas costumes.

Are you a mommy to be? The very beautiful Mommy-to-be Angel Costume is for you! There are also adult Heavenly Angel white Christmas costumes for infant, toddler, child, and plus size .

For those who want to spread the meaning of Christmas there are classic Mary, Joseph, or the three Wise Men costumes for adults and kids in a variety of colors. There are shepherd and shepherds crook for Christmas for a Nativity scene, a Christmas play or fun costume get together in the Christmas season. Don’t forget the Heavenly Angel who was there too.

If you are going to be in a Christmas parade you might want to wear one of the awesome fun mascot costumes.

Other occasions and places to wear Christmas costumes are school plays and Christmas parties for children, church gatherings, plays and office Christmas costume parties. Hospital staff and volunteers use Christmas costumes to entertain children and adults. Public events with lots of lights, light-up costumes and accessories, Christmas decorations and people dressed up in the season’s costumes are fun for everyone.

Your workplace to can be a wonderful occasion to decorate and dress up in Christmas costumes for not only your office parties but for spreading good will and cheer to your customers and business acquaintances, associates and those you appreciate throughout the year.

Anyone you know having a birthday between Christmas and New Years and you want to add some extra fun. Now there’s an occasion for some costume party fun! Speaking of New years, why not extend the costume fun to your New Years Eve party. Make it an end of the year and new beginning to remember! You are not limited to just Christmas costumes but costumes of any kind are appropriate here. Haul out your Halloween costumes or get some new fancy dress costumes for women. Maybe a Gangster Suit for menor other Party costumes that are readily available in the online marketplace today. Make it a group theme costume party and have a whole lot of party costume fun this season!