Santa Claus Suits – Father Christmas Costumes, Outfits

Santa Claus SuitEvery year as Christmas approaches, sales of Santa Claus costumes begin to surge as the demand intensifies.

Any place and event where Father Christmas is going to be present, is going to require a traditional Santa outfit that will help Santa give the children a magical and unforgettable Christmas experience.

Christmas in typically associated with snow and the cold and anyone living in colder climates like here in the UK won’t have a problem with being too hot when donning a Santa costume. However, because Christmas is celebrated all over the world, in the warmer areas, putting on a normal Father Christmas outfit will probably end up with the wearer overheating. In this case, a Santa costume made from lighter material would be more appropriate.

Santa outfits are not only available for the gents. There are Mrs. Claus costumes for the ladies, children’s Santa suits for the little ones that enjoy dressing up, and there are even pet Santa costumes for anyone that wants to dress up their little companion for Christmas.

The Christmas festive season is a marvellous time for aromas and smells. Think about the mulled wine full of delicious spices, the smells coming from freshly oven baked goodies and the pine scent emanating from the Christmas tree. It is also a great time for visual magic with the lights and the tree, decorations, wrapped presents and of course, Father Christmas in his big red and white suit.

There are a whole range of other options for those that don’t fancy dressing up as Santa Claus. There are superb Angel and Elf costumes that are available in all sizes from infant to adult. Snowmen outfits, Wizard of Oz outfits, the Grinch and practically everything else that you can think of. There is something for everybody.

Anybody that is looking for a Father Christmas costume in the UK will discover that there is a huge variety from which to choose, from luxurious high quality Santa suits, to the bargain-basement less lavish types.

Anyone that wants to buy a Mrs. Claus outfit can get the conventional style with grey hair, long tunic and apron, to the sexy Miss Santa suit that has stockings, blond hair, stilettos and mini skirt.

If you are attending a Christmas party and you are going to sport a Santa Claus costume, there are some additional extras that you may want to consider to make things a bit more fun. What about bringing some sleigh bells to produce a finishing touch, or maybe adding a piece of mistletoe to your Santa hat to get a few extra kisses, or perhaps you could turn up with some milk and biscuits. There are numerous items to give your character another dimension.

Imagine arriving with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? It’s a bit over the top but what an entrance it would make. A sack of presents would go down well and you could give every person a little gift. Just use your creativity and you can assemble a fantastic Santa costume and accessories.

Father Christmas CostumeDon’t leave buying your Father Christmas costume until the last minute though. There is always a rush for Christmas outfits near to the time and you don’t want to be without one.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Santa in his red costume. Christmas stockings will have to be purchased well in advance also or else you will be left with not a lot of choice, if anything at all.

When picking out your Santa Claus suit make sure you pick one for your needs. In other words, if you are going to be playing Santa Claus where there are many older children around make sure it’s a good quality costume. If the kids are younger as in infants to let’s say 4 years old then you can probably get away with a cheaper Santa Claus suits.

All of the Father Christmas suits that are available are generally really affordable and there is a costume for everyone’s budget. Some of the new Santa Claus costumes come with beards but some of them don’t so make sure you check and are prepared to order your Santa beards and wigs if you find one without them. Also if you purchase one of the cheaper suits you might want to upgrade the beard and wig.

You can also find professional Santa Claus suits that are very affordable and something to fit everyone’s budget. There are also a few kids and infant Santa Claus suits and these will go fast so if you see a Santa suit you like, don’t wait too long.

Here comes Santa Claus!

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no more compelling symbol of the season than Santa Claus. Known by many names, such as Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or just good ‘ol fashioned Santa, this merry patriarch of the holiday season represents the spirit and joy of giving.

For this reason, Santa costumes are in high demand during the holidays. Some folks choose to dress up in a professional Santa suit for a little extra income, as they play Santa at the mall or hire out for holiday parties. Others are looking for a traditional Santa costume to entertain the grandkids at family gatherings, or wear to the annual office holiday party. Those who want to go all out may even opt for a velvet Santa suit, which is the ultimate in Christmas costumes!

There are plenty of Christmas costume ideas for the ladies, too, ranging from the traditional Mrs. Santa costume, to the little-bit-naughty Santa’s Helper costume.

Of course, no Santa can do it all by himself, so he will need his trusty elves to lend a helping hand. Any of Santa’s little helpers would be proud to wear a Christmas Elf costume, toddler Santa dress, or infant Santa costume!

Even if you don’t need a complete Santa suit, you can always create you own Santa costume just by donning a red Santa hat (complete with white fur trim), a long white Santa beard, and a matching Santa wig. Worn with a red shirt, black belt, black boots, and a pair of wire spectacles, these accessories will provide a pretty good impersonation of Santa himself. But if you’re looking for the real thing, just check out the many Santa Claus costumes available at here.

A few interesting Santa facts:

1. No species of reindeer are known to fly. But who knows if there a yet-to-be-discovered species that only Santa has discovered.

2. Assuming Santa travels from East to West, he can take advantage of the differing time zones to turn a 24-hour day into a 31-hour day, giving him 7 extra hours to deliver Christmas toys.

3. Assuming each child receives nothing heavier than a set of Legos (2 lbs), Santa’s sleigh is carrying 321,300 tons, not including Santa himself who is no lightweight. Hope those reindeer ate their Shredded Wheat for breakfast!