Vampire Costumes, Suits, Outfits

Vampire Costume MaleHalloween comes around every year without fail. This is the time for people to dress up and scare each other. Parties will be in full swing and there will be many costumes on show, many giving other party goers the fright of their lives. Of course, it is all a bit of a laugh and lots of fun.

If you are lucky enough to have been invited to a Halloween party that involves a wearing a costume, and you are wandering what you can wear to spook the life out of the other guests, you might want to grab yourself a vampire costume and go along as Bram Stoker’s pointed tooth creation, Count Dracula.

Count Dracula is the ultimate vampire, with his long shiny black, red lined flowing cloak, slicked back hair, huge fangs and a blood stained chin. Costumes don’t have to be as extravagant as Dracula’s guise though. There are whole boatloads of vampire costumes for children, women, men and animals too that come in many styles from sensual, lovable, classic, vivacious and much more. There is so much choice for all sizes, preferences, ages and gender.

Ever wondered why people dress up on Halloween? Well, back in the 5th Century B.C. the Irish Celtic clans thought that every year on 31st October, the spirits of those that had shuffled off this mortal coil would return to Earth. With the Celtic New Year beginning on 1st November, many Celts believed that some of the returned dead would still linger on through the night of 31st October and into the Celtic New Year because of a distortion in the world of the dead and the world of the living on this night.Vampire Costume Female

The Celts were terrified because they thought the spirits would do unworldly, awful things to them that they put on disguises and dressed up so that the spirits would believe that they were not alive too.

We all know this is crazy because spirits can see right through mortal disguises, right?