Horse Head Masks

Horse Head MaskIf you only buy one item for your accessory drawer that will have your mates and anybody else in the vicinity fall about with laughter, it will be a vinyl horse head mask.

You will have seen dozens of websites and hilarious videos while searching the internet, of groups of mates going around in all sorts of situations wearing the horse head mask. Everyone is getting in on the act.

When the mask is put on, it will bestow the wearer powers that are above and beyond the human domain. It can make everyone nearby feel embarrassed and ill at ease. It will give you the ability to feel comfortable around girls and to break the ice with people you haven’t talked to for donkey’s years.

Put your horse mask on whilst being a passenger in a car. Check out the looks of people waiting for the bus. Go to the pub with it on and everyone will be trying to rip it off you to try it on.

Take it to the beach and there will be howls of laughter and everyone will be coming up to you wanting a closer look. There are so many different occasions to wear it, all of them will have everyone in fits of laughter.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you see out of the mask ?

You can see through the mouth and through the nostrils and it can be quite difficult at times so wearing it to go driving, riding a bike, or anything like that would be extremely hazardous and not recommended.

Does it smell of latex ?

Yes it does to start with but it’s not that bad. Leaving it to air for a few days should get rid of most of the smell.

Is it easy to breathe in ?

Yes it’s ok but it’s not recommended to do any long physical exercise in it. It can get very hot and humid in your horse head mask with the condensation from your breath.

Horse head masks on the news

Whilst the Google street view car was going around photographing the area around the Hardgate district in Aberdeen, Scotland, it photographed a man wearing a horse head mask just standing by the side of the road. Goodness knows what he is doing. Apparently, Google maps has been getting a lot of hits from people trying to find the person who is looking a bit shifty. You can find the full story here – “Mystery surrounds ‘horse-boy’ on Google Street View”

Horse Facts

  • Every day, a horse can knock back up to 10 gallons of water.
  • There are up to 400 diverse breeds that are utilised for many specific tasks.
  • In the region of 70 million horses live in the world today.
  • Every day, a horse generally sleeps around 3 hours.
  • Horses typically don’t like the smell that pigs make.
  • The galloping pace of a horse is about 27 mph or 44 kph.
  • Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal.
  • Domestic horses live for around 25 years.
  • The weight of a horses heart is about 9 pounds.
  • A horse has 205 bones in its body.